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Adhering to the recommendations and tips below, you can make your written work the most interesting and get a good score for it on the exam, it does not matter whether you enroll in a foreign university :

1. The main advice – write the text structured.

The structure above is universal. And the text is unlikely to be appreciated highly if it is not followed. Therefore, it is recommended to express thoughts in this form in order to get good points.

2. Making a plan before writing

Use the draft, in order to write an essay in English as well as possible after receiving the topic, write down the thoughts that come to mind, think about what I would like to write and how to do it and make a mini-plan in which the phrase or word will indicate or another thought.

3. Check out many topics to be ready for anything.

An essay is more about testing your erudition, not about how well you speak English. Therefore, it is better to do self-preparation in advance: study various topics that are vital in the world, increase your vocabulary, increase the general level of knowledge. Writing an essay in English is not an easy task.

4. Allocate time correctly

Another tip – properly allocate time to drawing up a plan, writing and checking your essay. Often, applicants do not have enough time for the last part. And many, sometimes the most obvious mistakes, remain uncorrected.

5. Use the appropriate speech style when writing your work.

You should not use different slang expressions, unrecognized neologisms, strange word forms. Writing style: formal or semi-formal. Another example of the misuse of words: the use of abbreviations like “I wanna” is better to write “I want to”.

6. Stick to specified amounts of text.

Often you want to write as much as possible on the exam, proving to the examiners that you know a lot. However, this does not help in writing an essay. If you do not invest in the amount set by the commission, your score will be lowered. When checking will consider that you just do not know how to express your thoughts succinctly.

7. Write interestingly using interesting grammatical and lexical forms.

This will allow you to write a really worthwhile and interesting text that can be read with pleasure. You must show that you are fluent in written English, you know what the structure of the essay is in English, how to express it correctly in grammatical forms. This will no doubt increase your chances of entering the university.

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