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The main objectives of the essay are: informing, persuading and entertaining the reader, the author’s self-expression or a combination of one or several goals. Their successful achievement depends on the ability of the author to correctly identify his audience. A good essay is distinguished by original thinking, a sense of style and effective organization.

The process of creating an essay in general consists of the following stages: understanding the task, defining the topic, collecting information, organizing the information collected, developing the main statement, writing a draft.

Types of essays


The description sets forth sensual impressions: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, gustatory. The overall mood of the essay is created with the help of the prevailing impression. To create a description, you must select an observation point (mobile or stationary), select and place parts using spatial or (less often) chronological organization.

Process description

A variety of descriptions, often allocated to a separate category, are descriptions of processes that are used to explain to readers how something is done or is happening.


An essay is used to clarify ideas (general statements) with the help of examples (illustrations). When choosing examples you need to make sure that they actually support the idea and that they are sufficient for a given purpose.


The classification divides a broad topic into categories according to a particular principle, determines the distinctive features of each category and shows how these features vary between categories. The segmentation of the theme simplifies the story by presenting information in small, carefully selected portions.


An essay comparison evaluates two or more subjects in terms of their similarities, differences, or both. Comparison often helps to make a choice between alternatives, and also introduces the reader to unfamiliar objects. All elements of the comparison should have something in common and rely on well-selected parts, showing how the compared elements are similar and different.


The argument essay, based on logically aligned facts, seeks to convince the reader to agree with a certain opinion, to perform some action, or to do both. The authors of argumentative essays achieve their goals by rational influence based on immutable truths, opinions of authorities, primary sources of information, statistical data, etc .; emotional and ethical impact.

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